Oogschaduw Charcoal Lid stain

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  • Oogschaduw Charcoal Lid stain
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Primal Colors Lid Stain is truly unique in many aspects.  All of our ingredients are sourced from dirt, food, and plants.  Each application is mixed when used to ensure the most nutrient dense makeup, and all of our makeup products are blended with water and applied to the face.  Dry application can be used for most Lid Stains.  

The Food:  Provides the color as well as the nutrients.

The Dirt:  Provides the medium by which the color adheres as well as benefits for the skin, including detoxification and minerals.Non-toxic.  Chemical Free.  Cruelty Free.

Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Sea Clay, Activated Charcoal ay  

*Certified Organic

 Directions: Scoop small amount of powder into lid. Dampen make up brush with water. Use wet brush to mix into desired consistency, then apply. Once application is complete, thoroughly wipe out lid with tissue, ensuring that lid is completely dry. Can also be applied dry onto dry skin or over oil-based moisturizer. 

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